Crosby Wall Rendering, Cladding & Brickwork Pointing by the building specialists

Crosby exterior walls take a lot of damage from the elements. Also, plain brickwork can sometimes look boring, and when damaged, make the outside of your house look tired and worn out.

However, having your property rendered can often make your give your property a face-lift, making it look as good as new!

Here at Higher End Construction, we offer wall rendering solutions from the traditional to more modern solutions such as K Rend and brickwork cladding to match the aesthetics of your house and also other properties in your area. K Rend comes in a variety of colours and is the “modern choice” for bringing colour to exterior walls, coupled with protecting it against the weather.

Having your exterior walls rendered or cladding is also an effective way to add value to your property, enhancing the properties exterior appearance.

We also provide pointing services. Overtime, the mortar between brickwork can breakaway and decay, causing problems in the structure of the wall and can, if left untreated, cause serious damage to the property. Regular inspection and repair of any problems can ensure the structure of your property remains intact, whilst also maintaining the outward appearance of the brickwork.

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What are the benefits of rendering?

Sometimes we forget the exterior of our property, focusing more on the interior and garden area. Understandable, especially when it’s where we spend most of our time! But have your property properly rendered can:
  • Protect your walls against the weather – especially cold weather which can damage mortar and strong winds
  • Make the exterior of your property look stunning
  • Add value to your property (first impressions count)
  • You can choose to either make your property unique and standout with bright and vibrant colours, or match those of the surrounding areas
  • It can also be used to cover up tired, old brickwork!
Building Maintenance & Construction : Higher End Construction

K Rend is probably the most commonly known “brand” for modern rendering. 

K Rend render is a water-repellent, breathable solution which is low maintenance and can be purchased in most colours. 


The most common form of rendering is cement rendering and this is where K Rend is the most well known. Less rigid than traditional cement, K Rend is more flexible, better for old homes. But we also provide Lime render, Polymer render, Monocouche render, Insulated render and acrylic render.

Unfortunately, mortar over time can begin to perish due to the elements. Water and ice can get into the cracks and break down the mortar, causing the mortar to break up and, ultimately, perish.

When this occurs, bricks can begin to sag, and if there is enough damage, walls can begin to collapse completely as there is no mortar to hold the brickwork in place.

Also, where mortar has perished this creates holes in your brickwork, leading to a loss of heat and an increase in heating bills!

The other effect it has it that it reduces the valuation of your property.


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