Kitchen Adaptations – Making Life Easier for the Less Able in Blackburn, Lancashire

With experience in helping a range of social housing and local authority customers as well as private domestic owners in Blackburn, we understand that making rooms such as your kitchen and bathroom easier to use when you’re less-abled is paramount.

Here at Higher End Construction, we’re here to make life easier – and we do this by providing kitchen adaptations based around the individuals needs. 

We look at the current layout of your kitchen and help decide on a range of features which have been designed to give you the freedom to enjoy your kitchen, with the design, unit, appliances and installed focused squarely on your requirements.

From adjustable counters, shallow sinks, pull out worktops and electrical outlets within your reach, we’ll take everything into consideration.

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Enjoy Your Kitchen with an Adaptation from Higher End Construction

Our adaptations are provided for a range of purposes – not just for wheelchair uses but also for ambulant disabled users.

The modern range of options for your kitchen adaptation is wide, with everything from counters which you can manually adjust the height of to pull out counters. However, the key aspect of any kitchen is the layout.

By designing the layout of the kitchen with you in mind, we can cover everything from the appliances, lighting, electrical outlet heights and, most importantly, the ease of getting in, out and around your kitchen if size is a factor.

No job is too big or difficult – simply give us a call and we’ll be glad to discuss your requirements with you in more detail.

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The most important is the ergonomics. For any wheelchair user, there has to be sufficient clearance for you to get your chair in and out of the kitchen, whilst at the same time being able to turn as well as access worktops and appliances. In some cases, this means focusing the units on a single side of the kitchen. However, these considerations will be part of the specification we design with your involvement.

Yes! Most kitchen adaptation devices cater for not only wheelchair users but also those with restricted mobility. 

Again, the key to any adaptation is the design and specification, and we’ll work with you from quote to completion to help provide a kitchen that’s functional and designed around your specific needs.

We can. There are a range of manufacturers who make units and appliances specifically for assisted living such as AKW and Magnet and we work with a range of suppliers to bring you the widest range of options. 

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