Providing High Quality Glazing, Window and Door Installation Services across Birkenhead

Higher End Construction, as part of our complete suite of building and construction services in Birkenhead offer a full glazing, window and door installation service as well as installing conservatories, orangeries and sun rooms.

Whether you’re looking for domestic installation or larger scale glazing installation such as within offices, flats and apartments or industrial and warehousing, we’ve got a highly skilled team who can work with you from specification to installation.

We supply and fit windows from our trusted suppliers who we know, like us, only complete work of the highest standards. We provide high quality installations right across the North West.

Whether as part of a new build, general replacement or replacement due to damage and wear and tear, we can help choose the right windows for your requirements, from size to colour and everything in between.

To find out more about how Higher End can help with your glazing needs, call one of the team today on 01772 555084 and we’ll arrange a site visit to discuss your requirements in more detail.

The Highest Quality Glazing Installation Service from Higher End

Using only the highest quality product coupled with providing the best skilled tradesmen in the industry, Higher End are the trusted partner for many businesses and local authorities to complete their building and construction work.

We’ve worked hard building our reputation for quality window and door installation in the North West, and our clients make up the majority of our work through repeat custom.

Through a meticulous eye to detail as well as the ability to work with a friendly and competent team, we’re a rapidly growing company putting the customer first.

Visit our contact page today to send us a message to find out how we can help you with your glazing requirements today.

Building Maintenance & Construction : Higher End Construction

People replace their windows and doors for many reasons. It may be that they have older, sash style windows which no longer open or are old and tired. Perhaps they want to modern their property. Or maybe they are looking at the energy saving benefits that new glazing can bring. 

Modern double glazing brings a range of benefits – adding value to your property whilst reducing your heating bills. 

Yes, however this is not always cost effective especially in older windows.

If your glass is “fogged” these can be fixed, but again the cost of this may sometimes be greater than simply replacing the window unit.

For a price comparison, ring one of the team on 01772 555084 who will be able to advise you in your individual circumstance.

No, but there may be cost benefits in doing so. If you have more windows to replace, you may be able to negotiate a better price because our window fitters will be on site already. 

Also, replacing just SOME of your windows may affect the aestethics of your property.

The biggest benefit is that, because they are made of plastic, uPVC windows won’t rot therefore having a longer life-span. They also tend to be cheaper as the production of uPVC windows is normally lower.

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