Providing Expect Demolition services to clients throughout Kirkby

If you’re looking for demolition services, either due to a safety reason or for regeneration of a property or building in Kirkby, make us your first call.

We provide prompt, efficient service, competitive prices and a highly skilled and professional team – no job is too large or small. With our family values at the forefront of what we do, but with a business large enough to cope with any challenge, we can help.

Whether you’re looking to knock down a property to regenerate the land with a new build, the property is unsafe or simply want to use the space for other purposes, Higher End Construction can help with the overall work required, from specification to completion.

Any demolition site is a risk, and we’ll provide full safety and risk assessment of the area before and during the project, and once completed, all of the materials will be safely and ethically disposed of.

To discuss your project in more detail, contact one of our friendly staff today on 01772 555084 and let us know your requirement. One of the team will then arrange a suitable time to visit site and provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation for the project.

Demolition specialists for any project

Property may be demolished for a number of reasons, for example, a property may be considered unsafe (especially older properties), may be structurally unsound, or simply may not be profitable.

We’re gaining a reputation for providing a high quality new build and property conversion services which often includes demolition and site preparation as part of this works.

Site clearance and removal of hazardous substances is all in a days work, and we’ve the certificates and accrediations to deal with any job as we [TOM / OWEN – we need the certificate names here please].

Got a project that requires demolition? Call us today on 01772 555084 to discuss in more detail and see how we can help!

higher end demolition

For many reasons, but probably because there are structural problems which makes this difficult, such as foundations or damage to the walls which mean that the remediation work is greater than simply knocking it down and rebuilding from the ground up.

The removal of asbestos is dangerous and should only be completed by companies who are equipped to do so safely.

Thankfully, you’ve found a company who can assist with asbestos removal in existing properties as part of a demolition job or as preparation of a conversion or refit.

Yes – Higher End and it’s partners can deal with any demolition project – simply contact one of our staff to arrange an appointment and we’ll attend site to review the work and discuss the options with you.

Ideally, you need to speak to your local authority and find out what the land can be used for. There may be conditions that affect what can be built on the land – either as part of the land law or within the deeds of the property or lease of the land.