Working from home – the new normal after lockdown?

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Working from home may soon become the norm after Covid lockdowns are relaxed and removed

With the current Covid-19 situation easing slowly and the government making provisions for businesses to open up, life may take a little longer to return to normal for offices in the UK.

Unfortunately, many properties simply don’t have the space or capacity for people to work at a minimum distance of 2m apart. And that’s not even considering other important things such as bathrooms and rest areas.

For many businesses, work as continued in some form by many workers working from home, utilising their home computers and broadband to work remotely.

But what happens during the easing of Covid-19 whilst social distancing needs to be respected?

There are options for businesses out there:

  • A business could look at making provisions for slowly bringing people back into offices on a part time basis with split shifts (day in the office, day working from home).
  • Where possible, especially in smaller offices, desks could be moved further apart.
  • A business make look at acquiring a larger property, or even recommissioning an existing property and converting it into offices.
  • A business may even consider extending an existing property to allow more room.

But what about workers? Many have been working from their kitchen tables, sofas or bedrooms during the lockdown. But if their company offers them the option to work more regularly at home (such as Google and Twitter, who have said that workers may work from home forever), then they may start thinking about extending their property to allow for this and to have a home office.

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