The Top 10 Benefits Of Replacing Your Old Boiler

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Don’t wait for your boiler to break! Replace it with Higher End Construction!

Chances are, if you live in the UK you’ll know that September is when the nights start drawing in quickly and usually the weather tends to begin to change for the worse. It’s also the time that many people start thinking about replacing their boiler (or getting an existing boiler serviced) in preparation for the much cooler weather which is just around the corner.

At Higher End Construction we understand that having a warm and comfortable home in Winter is important. And your boiler is responsible for a lot of that alongside other essential home improvements such as cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and underfloor heating.

So having an inefficient boiler, or a boiler which requires regular repairs can certainly add undue stress in the home when you don’t need it.

We install leading brands boilers such as Worcester Bosch and Baxi so that you have that all important peace of mind to know that you’re dealing with a quality manufacturer and an installer committed to only fitting boilers of the highest quality.

We’re fully gas safe registered as well! Find out more about our gas and central heating services.

So why should you replace your boiler? Today we’re given you our top ten reasons for replacing your old boiler to help you make that decision before it’s too late!

Peace of Mind

The last thing you need on a cold, wet, wintery day is to come home from work to find your boiler has stopped working… finding an emergency plumber can be expensive, and there’s no guarantee that they will have the parts available immediately to make the necessary repairs to get your boiler back up and running quickly. It could be a day, two or even more before it’s operational – in which time your house and the people in it will be cold and miserable.

A home that is warmer and more comfortable

An inefficient boiler can lead to issues such as not reaching the required temperature. Yes, it may be working, but it may not be working properly. And when your boiler is working overtime and not running smoothly, there’s a higher chance that it’s costing you more money as well as being more liable to breakdown!

A new boiler can reduce your energy costs

It’s only common sense to realise that a fully working, modern boiler is going to run more economically and more efficiently than an older boiler. And because it’s running more efficiently, chances are you will see a reduction in your energy bills – your boiler is getting to the required temperature more quickly whilst at the same time kicking in more quickly and working less when to maintain the temperature.

Save even more money by locking in your energy rates before the price increase!

Most of the larger energy companies have announced further price hikes in October 2021. Having that inefficient boiler in place will mean that your bills, already high due to that boiler, will increase again!

Modern boilers are quieter

Older boilers were notorious for being noisy, especially in open spaces. For more modern properties where open living is more common, and space may be at a premium, the last thing you want is a noisy boiler spoiling your precious home time with the family!

Modern boilers are smaller

Linked to the point above, most modern boilers “footprint” tend to be smaller than their older counterparts. It means that they can fit in to smaller, more hidden-away places and are ideal for installing into lofts. Smaller houses and flats need as much space available as possible, and a modern boiler goes some way to helping on that front.

A new boiler will reduce your environmental impact

All boilers use some form of energy to create that heat and hot water for your property. But a more efficient boiler will use less energy, and therefore will reduce your impact on the environment – which is great for the planet!

A modern boiler can add value to your property – making it more attractive to potential buyers

If you’re thinking of selling your property in the near future, then adding a more efficient boiler to your property will mean your home is graded differently on the efficiency bandings, as well as adding real value to your property. Homeowners, in most cases, don’t want a bill to replace boilers and central heating systems when they are looking to move home!

Modern boilers can be controlled remotely

Most modern boilers can now be controlled remotely, either through a smart home system (such as Nest or Hive), and even through your mobile when you’re out and about. So, if you’re driving home and your cold and miserable, you can set your heater to kick in so it’s nice and toasty when you reach home!

Improved temperature control

Older boilers cost more as they struggle to maintain an even temperature. Smart heaters working with thermostat controlled radiators can quickly and easily bring the radiator temperature back to the required heat – meaning less time in use – in turn meaning less energy being used and less cost.

Higher End Construction – A Gas Safe Registered Company for Preston and the North West

Higher End are proud to be a Gas Safe Registered business and have been installing quality branded boilers from leading brands since we formed in 2014. Based in Preston, we cover the whole of the North West and offer competitive pricing for boiler installation.

With winter only around the corner, we always recommend to contact us early if you are interested in having your boiler replaced in Preston. One of our friendly team will discuss the options with you and give you a fully installed price with a no-obligation quotation. Should you wish to proceed we can then book in your boiler installation with you at a time that suits you.

We provide gas and central heating installation and servicing services across the North West in Lancashire and Merseyside.

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