Sell Your Property Quickly Or Let Us Manage Your Portfolio With Higher End Homes

In 2021, Higher End Construction expanded and became part of the Higher End Group of companies, which consists of Higher End Construction, Higher End Investments, Higher End North and the company we are focusing on today Higher End Homes.

What Does Higher End Homes Do?

Higher End Homes is the Higher End Groups’ property portfolio arm.

It has two key focuses:

  • Purchasing properties to renovate and rent
  • Managing property portfolios for landlords

How Can Higher End Homes Help Homeowners Looking To Sell?

When it comes to selling your property, we all understand that the whole process can be extremely stressful. From dealing with solicitors, estate agents and dealing with viewings to trying to find that dream house and dealing with all of the complications caused by property chains.

All too often, the process of selling your property adds additional unforseen costs, additional time and additional stress – most of which could be avoided.

Higher End Homes aims to do away with as much as this as possible.

We provide:

  • A fair market value for your property – whatever it’s condition and location. We purchase properties right across the UK and even if it property is in extremely poor condition – to the extent that it may not even have been lived in for some time, we will provide a price which is comparative to the condition and location compared to putting it on the market.
  • Cash in the bank. We can provide a cash offer and have that money direct into your bank in as little as seven working days (dependent on solicitors and acceptance of valuations).
  • No chain = quicker sale. If you’ve seen a property you like elsewhere, selling to Higher End Homes is ideal as there isn’t any complicated chains involved which could collapse at any time. We can give you the cash quickly, allowing you to move on at your own pace!
  • No estate agents = lower costs. When you’re dealing with an estate agent, chances are they are going to be taking either a fixed fee per sale or a % of the total cost of your property – in most cases upwards of 1%. On a property worth £250,000 that’s £2,500 you’re paying for that privilege! Higher End Homes keep it simple – we’ll visit the property, give you a fair market valuation, and should you choose to accept you’ll get that figure… with no estate agents fees!
  • Quick sale if you need it. We understand that sometimes people simply need a quick sale for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you have a family emergency, moving abroad, selling because of a relationship breakdown, selling an inherited property or you need to sell to generate cash for healthcare reasons. We can turn around your property quickly and easily.
  • No VAT to pay. When you’re paying estate agents fees and surveyors, you’re going to have to pay VAT on top of their charges. Not with Higher End Homes. The price we offer is the cash value you will receive!
  • No surveys. Surveys cost money, and can quite often reduce your perceived value of your property. We will complete our own survey and offer you a value based on our estimates.
  • No ongoing costs. When you sell to Higher End Homes, we aim to turn the sale around quickly meaning you do not incur the ongoing costs of your property ownership, such as continued mortgage, council tax and utility fees.
  • No stress. One of the most important aspects of our business is that we want to give you a stress fee sale. This starts with our friendly team visiting your property, contacting you to deal with the valuation all the way through to releasing the cash and taking ownership of the property. We’re with you every step of the way!

Looking To Become A Landlord But Don’t Want The Hassle?

If you’ve got cash in the bank, then investing in property is a smart way to earn money. Over the last twenty years, property values have increased by nearly threefold in a report by Compare that to the current BoE interest rate of 0.1%… and it’s easy to see why there has been a sharp increase in house purchasing for rental.

However, if you’re looking to invest in property then it may be that you don’t want the stress that comes with it. That’s where we can help. We can advise on property purchases and become your trusted partner to deal with not only tenants but also property management and maintenance.

I’m Already A Landlord, How Can Higher End Homes Help?

Whether you’re an existing landlord or a new landlord, we can provide a fully managed service for landlords across the UK. Our services include:

  • Finding new tenants for your properties
  • Dealing with existing tenants in your properties
  • Dealing with conflicts and issues concerning tenants
  • Assisting with either short or long term rentals
  • Guaranteed fees during property voids
  • Property maintenance – dealing with day to day repairs, emergencies and long term strategies surrounding upgrades and repairs
  • Collecting rents

I’ve Got A Property Portfolio I Am Looking To Sell – Can Higher End Homes Help?

Absolutely! Whether you have a single property or a range of properties, we’re always looking to expand our own property portfolio – and we’re happy to discuss with landlords the potential sale of their portfolio at a fair market rate. We can take the stress of managing our properties, get you cash quickly so that you can then go and enjoy life as you choose!

To find out more about the range of services that we offer at Higher End Homes, visit us at or give our friendly team a call on 01772 555084.