Independent Living from the Building Adaptations Specialists – Higher End Construction

When you are less abled, or have a form of disability that means getting round is more of a challenge, then your home can sometimes feel a little daunting.

At Higher End Construction we understand that living independently for the majority of people is still their preferred option on a day to day basis rather than relying on others.

For many, getting around the home is difficult, especially when it comes to the bathroom and kitchen, as well as stairs and even getting in and out of your property.

Since we formed in 2014, we have been helping a range of clients – from Social Housing, Local Authority and private clients to improve their properties to help making their lives more independent and allowing them to live in their property without the fear of having to move on.

We can provide a range of bathroom adaptations, kitchen adaptations and assisted living upgrades to properties to help. But what kind of things can Higher End do to help?

Bathroom Adaptations

Traditional bathrooms tend to be the room that creates the most difficulty for the less abled. Standard toilets, baths and sink units can, in some cases, be completely inaccessible for those with limited or restricted mobility. Higher End have extensive experience in bathroom adaptations to help which includes:

  • Specifying and fitting low level access shower trays or wetrooms. For most users who tend not to be concerned about having a bath, a level access shower tray or a completely tanked wetroom is the perfect alternative. In both instances, having a raised entry to a showering area is removed, and a wetroom is a perfect solution for those in a wheelchair – allowing ease of access.
  • Smart Showers. Smart showers are intelligent showers which have limited temperature ranges (which can ensure users do not get scolded or burnt).
  • Bath risers and walk-in baths. For those who do want access to their bath, we can fit either a bath riser (either a lift style or pulley mechanism) or even walk-in baths.
  • Low level toilets and sink units. Allowing low level access to toilets and sinks make the bathroom more accessible for most users.
  • Wash & Dry Toilets. A wash and dry toilet, for example a closomat, allows the user to use their toilet and be cleaned by the unit once done.
  • Drying Units. In restricted spaces, having a drying unit is a perfect accompaniment to a bathroom. Capturing the heat from a shower and then converting that to warm air to gently dry the user.
  • Hand rails / grab rails.

Kitchen Adaptations

A standard kitchen poses many issues – especially for those who are wheelchair bound. Work tops can be too high and storage cabinets can be completely inaccessible.

With unique and innovative designs, modern less abled kitchens include worktops that can be lifted and lowered as required, and storage units which can be accessed from a lower viewpoint.

We have worked with many clients to design and specify a kitchen setup to work for you – not against you.

Assisted Living Modifications

There are a number of changes we can make within your property to make getting about easier, including:

Stair Lifts. Stairs make properties incredibly difficult to navigate for those especially in wheelchairs and people with mobility issues. A stair lift is an ideal solution to help you getting upstairs.

Hand rails / grab rails. Having hand and grab rails around your property grants that you additional peace of mind and stability as you travel around your home.

Widening door frames. Essential for when access to rooms are restricted or limited.

Ramps. Building ramps to doorways is a simple and effective solution – especially where steps were originally.

Making Your House Feel Like A Home Again

If you’ve had an accident, or finding that the day to day in your home is becoming more of a challenge, we understand. And the last thing anyone wants is to have to move, especially when they have their dream home and still feel like that have the will and desire to live there.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, Higher End Construction are here to help you once again feel like the property you live in is something you are proud to call home.

Our specialist team have extensive experience in helping with both modifications and adaptations and will visit you to review your current property and advise what we can do to help, working with you to find solutions throughout the property.

We’ll then help specify the most appropriate equipment from leading and well-known brands, and provide a full no-obligation competitive quotation for the work which, should you wish to proceed can be scheduled for a time and date that fits in with your schedule.

To find out more about our range of adaptation services, call our team on 01772 555084 or visit our contact page to send us a message.