Higher End Construction – A Growing Business for the North West and Beyond

We are pleased to announce that the Higher End Group of companies is continuing to grow!

First formed in 2014, Higher End Construction was established to provide high quality construction work for residents, local authority and social housing across the North West of England.

As the volume of work has increased, so has the good word of mouth recognition we have obtained from customers, leading to a whole range of opportunities for the business moving forwards.

We are therefore pleased to announce the formation of the HIGHER END GROUP of companies which will initially consist of the following companies:

Higher End Construction – our initial business which continues to grow, providing more services and solutions to home owners through the North West

Higher End Homes – Higher End Homes is a business which will create a property portfolio for rent and let. We are on the hunt for properties across the North West to add to our ever growing portfolio, and pay competitive prices for properties whatever their condition and age.

Higher End Investments – Our investment arm has been created to grow our retail, industrial and commercial property portfolio – with the aim of creating living areas in properties which were initially built for other purposes.

Higher End North – Our success has seen us begin to travel further afield to complete work. Higher End North will therefore manage Lancaster and further northern areas, including Morecambe and the Lake District.

Higher End is an ever growing company who are adapting to market conditions and continually looking to expand into new and exciting markets. To find out more, why not visit us on social media and continue to follow us online!