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Property Pointing – Protecting Your Property’s Most Important Structural Aspect

Probably the most important aspect of your property is it’s structural integrity. When your property’s structure is compromised, it can lead to a range of internal and external issues which can be expensive to resolve and, ultimately, catastrophic to your home as a whole. That’s why maintaining your buildings pointing and rendering is so important. […]

Sell Your Property Quickly Or Let Us Manage Your Portfolio With Higher End Homes

In 2021, Higher End Construction expanded and became part of the Higher End Group of companies, which consists of Higher End Construction, Higher End Investments, Higher End North and the company we are focusing on today Higher End Homes. What Does Higher End Homes Do? Higher End Homes is the Higher End Groups’ property portfolio […]

Independent Living from the Building Adaptations Specialists – Higher End Construction

When you are less abled, or have a form of disability that means getting round is more of a challenge, then your home can sometimes feel a little daunting. At Higher End Construction we understand that living independently for the majority of people is still their preferred option on a day to day basis rather […]

House Prices Increase By 13.2% For The Year To June 2021

For the year 2021 from January to June, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has stated that average house prices have increase by 13.2% ( Average house prices in the UK now shows to be £266,000 which is a staggering £31,000 higher than the previous year. After a poor year in 2020 due to the […]

Higher End Construction – A Growing Business for the North West and Beyond

We are pleased to announce that the Higher End Group of companies is continuing to grow! First formed in 2014, Higher End Construction was established to provide high quality construction work for residents, local authority and social housing across the North West of England. As the volume of work has increased, so has the good […]