Air Conditioning Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Air conditioning is one of the largest growth areas within the construction industry as more and more businesses and homes decide to have an system fitted within their property.  
Whether installing a new air conditioning unit into an existing property or into a new build, Higher End have been helping residential owners and companies with their air conditioning requirements across the North West since 2014.

What is an Air Conditioning Unit?

An air conditioning unit’s primary focus is to improve the condition of the air within a room by not only removing the moisture but also the heat, reducing the temperature and making the room more comfortable. Historically, air conditioning units have been used in buildings where ventilation can be an issue and the temperature is higher than it should be. Prime examples of these are rooms where equipment such as computers and servers are used. 
Historically, air conditioning has normally been a high cost item, one aimed at commercial usage such as offices. However, the price of the technology of the equipment has reduced, making use of units within domestic properties much more affordable, and some new build homes have air conditioning fitted as standard. 
Modern units can also heat rooms, and combined with ventilation and air conditioning are commonly more well known as HVAC.
To find out more about how we can help you with your air conditioning needs, give us a call today on 01772 555084 and one of our skilled will visit you to provide a free, no-obligation quotation. We cover the whole of the North West throughout Lancashire and Merseyside.
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This depends on where it’s being used. It may be that a single unit is fitted into an individual room, a full system retrofitted into an existing property or a new system fitted as standard into a new build.

Our specialist team will be able to review your property, whether you’re looking for an air conditioning system for your home or business, and advise you on the range of options that are available to you. These include units which are wall mounted, ceiling mounted, all-in-one complete systems as well as air source heat pumps. Alternatively, you can always contact one of the team who will be able to discuss these options over the phone.

Pretty much anywhere nowadays, with units being more compact meaning they can be used in residential and domestic properties, and bigger more sophisticated units used within large premises such as office blocks, warehousing, retail stores, hospitals, schools and anywhere that ventilation and heat may cause a problem.

A standard 2Kw unit costs approximately 8p per hour to run and a six unit system around 48p per hour (source Homebuilding). For larger systems in commercial premises, it depends on the amount and type of units being used. To find out more about how much a larger system would cost, contact one of our team today.

Absolutely! Installing one at the time of build means no disruption to the house and also allows all of the relevant cabling, ducting and electrical equipment to be hidden into the plaster work and cavities. 

Higher End are based in Preston, but we cover the whole of the North West through Lancashire and Merseyside.

It depends on the system itself, how many units are required and the power of the system. We offer a property inspection service where one of our staff will attend site and review the options with you before providing a free, no-obligation quotation for the work.